When we have foals that are born "dead" or die not long after, or with the afterbirth. We have places we go to dump it and always within 24 hours it is "gone".

As I have shared before we have had a lot of cats and dogs and everything in between. We have noticed with the animals that we let out and back in daily, that when their time comes most of them wander off to never be seen again.

It is almost like a gift back to us that we don't have to dig a hole and bury the animal and go through the sadness.

In today's society, people are so devoid of the reality of nature. It is readily apparent by the temper tantrums and all that.

When you have to deal with death every year (along with life/birth). You learn to appreciate things a bit more deeply.

If people did this or better yet, if we made children observe the whole life process, then maybe they would be a bit more balanced.