White people are inherently privileged in today’s society and unless they actively try to not use the privilege at the expense of others they are supporting racism/oppression, since America is not a meritocracy truly anymore.

It is very very subtle. I am not sure if it was Marley K, or someone else but the key thing was this:

Being white at this time makes you “the culture” and not “a culture”. If you are the culture you are the default which allows you to hide at no cost, if you are “a culture” you can’t hide.

E.g. like I stated before … a tornado hit my farm. We easily slid in and out of insurance collection and even with our word got $2700 worth of clean up executed. My partner who I let lead the charge (which believe it or not truly blows the Texas guys around here’s mind) and deal with all the contractors and the financial handling …. could safely and easily deal with it with no risk or concern to her safety.

It is funny though, when the guys see me pop outside because I am of larger stature (thick shoulder and very large and e.g. I can bear hug her and she disappears) …. it usually reinforces things. So I am using my privilege of size and being a white male for the protection and service of my partner.

Folks with privilege need to do the same for others (using my side examples) …

I don’t have kids, so I make sure to support education and other social concern needs etc ….

So if you coast on by ….. look around you … if you look like those around you … you have a benefit someone else doesn’t.

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