Why didn’t she calmly call the manager?

I will of course have to trust the intent view being stated in the author’s view, but the bartender has a right to cutoff anyone that they feel can do harm to themselves or others.

It doesn’t matter if it was a $60/night hotel, $200, or $500/night hotel. I personally have seen it all, and 95–99% of the time it is the patron that is being a not nice person.

I was staying up at a Marriott in Chicago for a project. I just came off of a maintenance window and had been there for “a while”. As the charges were getting higher I decided to start the process of getting my expense report done, so I could make mid-stay payments.

An older couple smartly dressed were in front of me making a lot of nasty commentary and ripping into attendant and the lady laughed … A second attendant came up and I asked for my print out, and we both heard these two going at it (with the woman being the aggressor) ….

Me dressed very slopply (I had been up for 30 hours) nodded to the attendant who then said … wow Mr. Tegel you out did yourself this time …. your bill broke $10,000 and it looks like you have been up working for a while … it is nice to have a customer who is pleasant and nice to all of us here at Marriott (x).

The woman shut up after that …. The folks in the service industry like that have to deal with the worst of the worst so folks should be aware of that …

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