Yael Wolfe Why now after I don't know many months did this article float up in my stack/scan :) When I saw the date I was like is it really the 29th what am I doing working on a Saturday (damn COVID).

Thank you for the extra pointers!

I will honestly say the writers I have followed have helped me try to tame the wild rivers in me into appropriate ways. Am I good at it? No, but I am getting better.

So I have you and others to thank for it.

Since you love nature and Nature Conservancy view in your heart and mind and soul.

My area (Texoma) I read a few months ago started the work on another man-made lake. The goal is to ensure balance in nature in the Desert climate which also is part of the original Black Prairies.

If you get bored and want to read up on it ... to me Texas represents the best of America. E.g. west of Texoma they have large wind farms to the point where people have free power on the weekend. Texas power consumption is greater then Californias, but we use heavy renewables and what not.

So :) instead of advice which I sadly will do and have a bad habit of doing (due to me wanting to help those I care for (platonic or romantic)), here is some fun factoids to stimulate your Cliff Klaven Wiccan brain which I find awesome!


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