With equality here the "be clear, be concise, and be direct/honest" fits the mold.

If a partner is going to apply a one-strike policy against you with this format, then it says oodles about them and less about you.

Women have choices and as they have more power as seen later in life as it advances in women younger and younger, they will have expectations and desire to be fulfilled.

The ones with high expectations and standards are going to find very few success and very shallow relationships where intimacy is a mutual masturbation at best, and for some women given time escorts maybe in play (depending on their belief views).

I am glad you called out that feminism didn't kill dating. It just shed the light on the inequalities in our society.

Men do have to change, but also as they do it. They will be pleasantly surprised given how rare it is now the benefits of having equal partners.

But there will be a fun unintended consequence, since then as some bisexual and homosexual men understand, men are not simple and fit societies tropes. They will understand life is not awesome under the house of masculinity, and it will be very important that safe spaces for men to talk to men in a non-bro way will need to be had where women have it now and take it for granted.

There are reasons why men commit more suicides and in the back 1/4 to 1/3 of life the number of men evaporate compared to women. (insert examples of STDs in retirement villages to draw a picture).

The one thing that will become critical (IMO) is that women if they find a good and respectful man who may be gun shy (i.e. not a nice guy), they will need to step up. One will not be able to use the past dating methods of having the guy make the first move or pay for the first date. There will be those that will call out the $$$ penalty women go through with dating and what not, but if one is already "counting the pennies" before dating starts, the relationship is on shifting sand.

The other thing that will be critical will be all about salary and provider status. Women sadly have not been the beneficiary of this at all over the patriarchal times, but if women desire to lead and smash the patriarchy ... maybe this is the most important thing we can do. Those male health care providers, the stay at home dads, and what not should be treated like professional sports athletes and we make parenting and nurturing the important things.

Women will lead and do things differently, and when in charge they will also have to understand if guys are steps behind and actually putting in good effort ... if they are good leaders, they will circle the wagons to help elevate men in those areas were they are not strong. By doing so, women will have a larger pool of men to be with versus the hunger games that is now.

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