Women do deserve the full respect and power. When they get it they should do what they see fit but also remember one gets what they give. Men are motivated by sex and base needs of certain beauty; however, the sexual currency and exchange has radically changed in the last two decades due to the internet.

The reality is if women in heterosexual relationships did this is men would focus on masturbation and porn and disconnect.

So what then? If one looks back at the start of this with Naomi Watts and Porn creep nearly 15 years ago, men started backing away from the usual methods of mating and dating and started to walk away from society.

Look around and see how men 8 to 40 are now that the have 100% free access to sex and porn with commitment.

So, how do we fix? Well we have to admit that men more and more see no value in our society. Yeah right? Women can step and take over … yes in some ways, but how does one make children and society when nearly 1/2 a gender is checked out.

Women should keep high standards but realize in the long term expectations from men are never guaranteed. Live do and be the strongest human beings they can be. Lead but realize men will see women as equals ( in fact quite a few do ) but realize men will apply the same handling they do with other men. The steer clear of those they don’t know, act with the worst toxic views that only men being around men know, and generally have zero trust of others.

We have to realize our society is broken in political, race, and gender 100%.

It is scary and sad. Just as women get full control, then they realize they are alone. It sucks.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.