Women don't need males to replicate, they desire authentic and real men who wish to partner up equally and build a life and family with.

This article is a great litmus test for a guy to see how and what his core feelings are at towards women and society and life.

As for biology, certainly it is not needed, however, ecosystems that lack the variability on this planet die off.

It is interesting to observe (we do artificial insemination work on our farm) how not hard it is to get a horse mare pregnant, and yet in humans it is very hard.

The one aspect people don't sometimes realize is that if one wishes long term to truly have children, they need to question either others genetic viability, since producing more of the same, actually leads to huge genetic faults in the offspring.

Don't believe me? Look at a royal family over the centuries and all the genetic issues that come from inbreeding.

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