Women have a lot of trauma just like men. What they attempt to do is verbalize the pain instead of manifesting it into actual violence.

For that I am fine with it; however, if a person continues to cycle around a topic heavily for years and years.

Then their hatred speaks of projection of what they wish they had or have lost.

IMO, they are used to seeing a gender band together as a group as women have done, not realizing men don't have those type of constructs.

Women I have observed (but of course not all women :) ) use testing methods consistently due to mistrust based upon fear of harm. What they may not realize because of male stoicism, is that men have the same feelings too.

So if a man is truly a warrior and an authentic man, realize that the woman spewing bigotry and hate based prejudice are being embraced by a fear and trauma demon, for which men know all too well.

One has a choice, to stop, look, and listen and either help prove that it is smoke and mirrors that they see, or to realize their damage is too great and to walk away since the fear and trauma demon inside of us men when it meets the female equivalent will lead to no good.

With equality and access to power, there will be women that natural evolve into becoming misandrists, femcels, and are bigots of the worst kind.

As men we need to realize that an individual woman does not represent the others, just that they are low quality and low value girls trying to puff up to be the women they wish to be.

The question is are you strong enough to help and weather the storm, and also one need to understand that sometimes boundaries are good.

Realize if you are an authentic man, feel sorry for them and wish them well, since they will never taste the true awesomeness of masculinity.

But never beat them down ... let them grow, live, learn, and be.

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