Women should always say no if they feel simple clear and concise messaging isn’t be heard and said. Stronger boundaries and rules need to be set especially now that it is a free-for-all sexually (though don’t imply I am saying you should be a prude).

I have found that once the trust and consent and openness is there in a relationship happens, women become the insatiable ones and guys find out they are the ones coming up short. Though it appears this is become rarer and rarer by the year/decade.

Assuming safe and non-violent consensual relationships, in heterosexual circles what I have observed is once that threshold (stated above) is passed, women’s confidence sometimes get’s smacked down because guys start having performance issues or loss of desire due to psychological and/or biological happenings. So great care (again assuming safe/sane/consensual) will need to be at play since when it comes to relationships and being open men’s trust is harder to earn, even though they give it away and leap into the relationship fray faster than they should.

IT is a fucked up world we live in …. where the unicorns of life should be a woman for a three-way, but a guy that is emotionally and consensually aware/woke for a relationship with a wonderful partner.

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