Wonderful article, I call folks who you talked about as "shit posters". I won't even allow the positive aura of virtue swarm around them because well they lack virtue, signaling can easily be ignored, and well they just suck.

You hit the nail on the head those that use virtue signaling are ones that are entitled. My wife grew up with barely working electricity, toilets that didn't work (outhouse or water would be brought up to the toilets to work), septic, no basic government services (trash etc).

If she uses it in a conversation it is to state look at what you have and it could be worse. The thing is her position she gets, even though she doesn't live like that now.

As for living in the life of covid, my view is this. Government can frame it this way.

Vaccinate or wear a mask at all times in public places or don't frequent public places. The choice is yours.

IMO, it helps deflate the dance of "my body, my choice". When folks go all contrarian, then one can say, my you are a selfish person, please keep 6 feet from me.

Common sense is gone, intelligence is a constant, and people have become so very much entitled. I realize we have different perspective views when it comes to some economic areas, but one has to think something isn't right when 1/2 of America doesn't file taxes, 1/2 of the 1/2 have a negative tax rate, and very few actually pre-2020, pay the $14,500 a year to the federal government to help keep it running. I wonder sometimes if the apocalyptic view from Starship Troopers where to become a "citizen" required public service would make sense.

But hey these are my views and beliefs ... fwiw.

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