Wow. Every time I get an email I get to see and frankly when I see any of his material I scroll on by since it appears the depth of his personality is about making $$$. It drips of privilege and narcissism.

So many epic fails on his part and the fact he has to go to twitter to have the conversation instead of having it on medium in the comments speaks volumes of him as a person.

His donation while a good start is just epically destroyed by his intent and tone-deaf nature. His empathy skills are non-existent and the fact he acts cowardly and cuts bait and runs when it gets emotionally tough is the equivalent of a 12-year old child that has been told no to having access to a firetruck in the sand box of life.

Want to show how Mr. Richy McRich could make bank? Right an article trying to help her, and then donate the proceeds from the article to "her".

Then he could write an article on how he made $6000 last month for a fellow writer on Medium ....

Now that is something I would click on.

I deal with immunotherapy issues and drop $30K a year on medical stuff. I am blessed and lucky to have a full time job with decent insurance. I can sit near her personal hell and say "I get it", how can I help if I have the energy, time, and money.

What I won't be is a troll, like Mr 6000, which when I get the time, I might just do something I never do ...

Which is block him ....

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