Write on I say. It amazes me still to this day that people believe that an individual only can have one or two dimensions to their personality, and not be allowed to be multi-dimensional as we all are.

I never articulated in past discussion very well my views on birth rates, but now I can better.

To me they are the canary in the coal mine on how successful a society is and it comes to to equality, respect, diversity, and humanity.

We are now approaching 50 years where we only hit replacement rate "twice".

Why? Because men treat women like shit, men treat men like shit, and then women accurately react and attack in their best ways from a position with limited privilege. As they should.

Now we have forces in our society under the two party political banners that use differences (diversity) to keep power and money in place. Then we all fight for the scraps that are left and turn into a mockery of humanity.

At this point the only sane point is to find the rugged individualism path (using your witch reference) to escape the insanity, which is smart and normal and sane. Meanwhile in society the rugged individuals (cough cough so called), cry body autonomy and use vet meds to "cure" themselves with their FB/Google MD license, while we treat our animals better.

It is downright insane.

My wife was at a horse show, so I went looking for diners and other small restaurants to eat at to support them. I saw a gaggle of servers spending time talking about a facebook post that was the equivalent of a he said versus she said about people working at or around the diner.

I kept thinking, the advice I wanted to share was ... instead of talking here why not call out the individuals on that post (Be clear, be concise, and be direct).

I said nothing, ate my meal and remembered what one of the quieter members who was taking an honest break talked about. I shared with her a web/app for tracking flights so she could pick up family without waiting long at the DFW airport. Why? I stated when you roll through the DFW slots, the timer starts for you having to pay for parking (even if you don't park), so if you time it right you can track how long you can wait plus 40 minutes if they have bags to drive up and through to go.

There are days it is good to not be around people, but if you are angry it is far better to write about it and fight with good intent then to not.

Be well @yael wolfe

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.