Yes. Hillary was too flawed to go straight from Senate to President given the damage her husband created in the 1990s. Remember now that the seeds of destruction we have now are all due to that time frame.

She would have been a good VP to Biden "if" Biden would have stepped up and led after Obama. This is why he leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Warren or Harris would have been fine running straight into the Presidential slot.

So I am a Liberal Republican (gasp I know it can blow peoples minds), for transparency sake, I have voted for only two men that were GOP since 2016. I voted for Warren in the last primary, and every primary and vote if I voted for GOP it was for a woman.

The angst that you may feel, is because of the poison pill that was dropped into TCJA in the event of a GOP demise.

TCJA would have worked "if" we had no black swan events over the arc of the act and the taxes returned to normal. If you tracked where things were going, we would have been exiting the trade wars this to next year, and a pop would have happened and on our way.

Why the segway? Well one knows know if a blue wave happens the hot toxic mess from $900 billion per year in deficits since 2000 (yes go do the math and you will be disturbed) combined with the money dump we are doing now (no qualms from me since life > money). Means the DNC and women who come in will get tainted with a mess that can only be fixed if there is no tribes and limited apathetic. Yes, the apathetic out number the tribes by several percentage points.

The progressive tax code for 20 years has been proven to be a failure. People will say but "Al" tax cuts etc, and they are part right. The problem is with a brain, a good tax accountant, you can literally drive tax responsibilities legal down to very low levels. If you can't, then "Panama Papers" ...

So the masters/mistresses/overlords/etc, want us to hard focus on shit that doesn't matter, or to stoke up identity crisis (which BTW are real), but when one applies Maslow' pyramid ...

One is more worried about their job, food and shelter.

Is that fear real? 1 month ago to get to the employment numbers when we were sort of healthy economically in 2000. 30 million private jobs would be required. You know wages at levels where the boomers were earning and not those flipping burgers.

So it is a shit show, and now those in the dark want to capitalize on men's fears of women, who now for most part have given up. So the fear you may feal will be like WTF this isn't fucking fair.

Now I have had arguments in closed political groups, by people who were triggered by me being white male and republican, omitting the knowledge that I am a feminist and liberal. They assume they know about me, so my response back to them would be

Women of leadership who you respect.

The New Zealand Prime Minister

Women need to lead and we need equal representation and team work to fix this.

If we don't ... we get to see what happens when we don't follow the principles of our founders. United We Stand ....

As for me, I moved to Texas predicting a shit show (made the decision in 2012 and made the move moving a horse farm on my own dime).

Strong and independent women I support ... I protect and love the great state of Texas and those good feminist men and women are free to roam safe on my property, and yes a woman can run the show for all I care.

Don't personalize it. Support and believe in women, but always check political integrity as gender assumptions don't apply.

If we don't, China and Russia will be enjoying the continued raping of our society one bot and one dumped product at a time.




Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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Alan Tegel

Alan Tegel

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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