Yes. We need to document every violent action even if no crime has happened. Without data we can’t build patterns and can’t diagnose the issue without emotion without it.

Document and then just lay out the data in a table, and let the data show it. I have a deep dark rage I deal with but never against women due to my metoo. If I had data to how it happened maybe I would have processed it better since society said no it can’t happen to someone like you. Maybe I could have had a much richer life then managing masks of pain, being able to see a male doctor, sleep on my stomach.

I would call the category intimate killings. Since women who attempt to be vulnerable in matters of the heart get killed by men who can’t deal with being emotionally vulnerable in intimate situations.

With therapy and time and being open with a few women who I found out were awesome feminists, I healed. But I have the privilege of being large enough not to worry about my physical safety. So many women don’t have that luxury, we need to quantify this for women.

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