Yes you can, but the problem comes down to people not being able to process the duality of both.

The limitation isn't on you as a person, it is on them. As long as your communication intent is clear and you are able to put guards up around your heart and soul so you don't personalize it too much, then communicate loud and clear and confident and game on.

Since you have shared you like to have some fun and party (and yes I love EDM too I have been listening dance since the 90's [e.g. go listen to "As the Rush Comes" or "6 Underground" <--- a favorite track I would listen to while driving to the Tampa airport after a project.

Treat it like a person that approaches you at a bar that just doesn't have what it takes to spend your time. Swipe away or so no thanks, sorry I am more interested in that person over there ... thank you for your time and move on.

Do the same for your self when you write. Respond to those that are high value and communicate, and ignore the rest as they don't or won't have the value worthy of the full package.

Joke: Wanna know why God is a Jokester Engineer? He provided men with two brains but only enough blood for one of them and then he put the underperforming one lower then the higher one. Then he invented gravity.

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