You and others have the unique opportunity in a way to help bridge to women and others the pure hell that a lot of CIS-het men are in.

What is happening (pure observation) is as emancipation and liberation happen, I see a hardness developing just like men have had forever ...

"Man up" is a saying silently from quite a few women or if you look at some Scandinavian countries they stated feminists "broke" men ... that is a serious issue.

Why I say it is an issue, because if you look at birth rates like a canary in a coal mine, they are dropping harder and faster even in areas were safety and life are being made equally.

They (media, feminists (I am one BTW)) can say things are good and moving forward, but I believe they are lying to themselves because it is not being generated by both genders equally.

In our American society, if you step back and read and think and talk about the issues in masculinity, how many are pushed by mindfully masculine men with balance and care in equal proportions.

My view is next to none, and the ones studying it and writing about it are like a broken clock (right twice a day), because they don't live the experience.

Men for lack of a better word now are entering the 1890's in 2020 with the start of woman's suffrage. The problem is the topics discussed would be similar to transporting a person from the late 19th century into today's society. Foreign and overwhelming.

My point example? Toxic Masculinity (the phrase). It is a phrase that should only be used in therapy and with full discussion. The real phrase should be Toxic Culture within/of Masculinity. Just like Patriarchy in non educated settings, should be talked to as "society".

Words matter and inflection matter even more. IMO, open and loving gay men have a fantastic chance to help bridge the divide with CIS-het men in showing it is ok to feel all that it has to be.

I learned in my travels men have "three" zones for pleasure and the deeper you go the more intense it is. head, base and prostate. I hope one day (my current partner is so vanilla and so traditional it probably will never happen with her), to feel what it feels like to be taken and feel it all. I had a slight taste with the plug and breaking down my wall to enjoy the hand part. It was fucking amazing, since the only way I could cum was prone masturbation or intercourse with a woman.

I know this because I have gay friends who have had sex with both men and women and they shared with me about it. Of course you know how it is in the realm of guys, my friend that I would drink with would "protect" me since their was the "lets convert him to our team where it is better for him :) mentality."

Be well!

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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