You and your wilder pubs sparked this, which given my curiosity and inquisitiveness made me dive deeper into the realms of womanhood.

This last part of the arc was like doing my master's thesis and finishing up my degree in human studies.

The thing is “I am not done”. I have some training I need to do with tech, but I have also been intrigued by seeing if there was a way I could take some Woman’s Studies courses at a local college (Austin College or at Texas Women’s University).

It is funny to me because I am split with doing certification through Harvard from some tech stuff and this …

So any woman I spend time with FWIW when they poke and question themselves should know this. This “guy” won’t be with a woman less than a “7”. I won’t spend the time, and the more time I spend with groups women, the higher their number is.

Never forget that. We binged “The Umbrella Academy” Season 2 on Netflix.

The statement from the black activist husband said it best when she had to leave.

“Better to have been in love with you for one year, then never at all”.

The best thing about this journey …. I am not done improving myself.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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