You are very much welcome. It is my way of sharing what I have with assertiveness and confidence (even as a guy it can be smoke and mirrors some days), and saying to others you can do it. Just have good intent and honesty and respect (and for god's sake consent).

I do share and live as honest and transparent as I can, but also do understand I have many more layers that I reserve for only true partners in life.

While I am open-minded and sharing friendly, I also know that everyone needs the special place and privacy that only two people can enjoy. (i.e. those special moments).

That I found was a weakness in modern masculinity, it was very limited layers wise. It was also what made me uncomfortable as a person with a very strong masculinity, but also with a very healthy feminine spirit and heart.

My greatest joy with some of the porn and fantasies has been when I could see a female partner let loose 110%. I mean watch her inner masculine stud come to the surface and take what was hers and own it and get off on it.

One of my favorite quotes that goes in my head when I see that is this ...

Holy Shit I did this? Wow.

The greatest orgasms come from between the ears, the last a long time when what is between the armpits is satisfied and happy, and lastly one should feel safe to be naked with no threat of violence (unless that is what is asked for consented).

So, what I have found is this, for some folks pain is a no-no, and what I have found that they don't realize and get surprised that overloading on pleasure can just be as "torturous" too.

Once that line is broached ... then they can say hmmm .... can I get over you lap .... "Daddy/Master" ... and I say "certainly ... hop up!" ....

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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