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You are welcome. My advice to you is you need to find things that you like and that you are good with. Build confidence in that, and then keep adding and learning and growing.

Be successful in your field of work, and if it doesn’t interest you, then search for what does and make that work your employment. Embrace the arts if you are business and science, and embrace the science if you are arts-focused.

Learn to meditate and find inner peace, and also feel comfortable with being able to drink a cup of coffee/tea and looking out at nature. If you live in nature when COVID lifts find a city and find a space to sit back and observe in an urban setting.

Find out what are your core characteristic types. E.g. are you an extrovert or introvert, and take the simple tests to get a gauge for it, but also don’t put an overweight on what that is. Know your strengths but don’t over-rely on them, and work on your weaknesses.

When it comes to love, don’t fear it. Also, don’t be thirsty and desperate either. Learn to regulate your emotions, but don’t neglect them. As a man, we have a very powerful sexual engine within ourselves. We have to know how to use it and not overuse it, because it will burn us out and make us numb to the real love of feminine grace while feeding ourselves the wrong way.

I am preparing for a piece for which I have been actively practicing for over 86 days now (day 11 of 60). I am practicing a form of tantric sex where I am as a man withholding orgasms and am learning to channel my male sexual energy into fixing my body and mind and soul. I am not a new-age or eastern religious type of person and fell into this.

My poetry, my job, and my relationships are really improving on the positive side of life. Several editors and fellow writers know of what I have been doing and am looking forward to the article, which may help you and other guys.

All I can say is that it has been eye-opening, but I am still in the process of doing this and experiencing it, so I am not in a place to write about it.

So my advice and side banter to you is this … Grow yourself, be interesting, and widen your skills and abilities through doing and practice. When you do this, it will increase your asset value amongst people in life. Then make sure you surround yourself with good people and those that are different then you and be open-minded. What you will find as you grow, folks will gravitate towards you in positive ways and from there friendship and love will blossom.

Be well.



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