You are welcome. There are men out there, but we are like diamonds in the rough I guess. Outside of these connections, I am a guy you will pass on the street who drives beater cars and trucks. Has a horse farm and keeps to myself. My primary relationship is far from perfect and that I am working on too, but frankly the only way I can continue to heal is to continue to learn to trust and grow and have solid human beings. Sadly, from what I have observed the hyper majority are only women. I have found a few guys I converse with and support, but there aren’t many.

The cars and truck reference as a Texan you know matter. What is funny is I have driven exotic sports cars and rented them in Germany and driven down the autobahn. In the US, when I traveled weekly, I actually rented cars from Hertz so much I was on their secret platinum level. What that meant was I could rent a Focus and get a Volvo S90, or a Hyundai Equis or Escalade. But to folks around us … they see a redneck looking truck, the bonus .. no one dares try to steal anything from it. The funny thing is it has the top-notch V10 in it and it is a beast at 205K miles on it and I am going to see if we can put 300K on it.

So let's say the car reference is one that says, no I don’t give up and fight and don’t participate in the throw-away culture and I always buy American. It also means looks are deceiving.

So my funny adage for this year is ….

2020, the year that only those with true foresight, can learn not to be hit in the rear hard with painful hindsight in 2021.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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