Alan Tegel
2 min readAug 26, 2020


Yael Wolfe isn't a freak or weird, you are normal. The freaks are the ones that attempt to conform to the "FOMO" or "keeping up with the joneses".

Who the hell wants to be ordinary and normal and "bland"? Seriously? Name to me one woman (or man) that was blasé and that made a difference?

(crickets ... hey Yael ... go take a picture of that :) )

You are NOT a freak, you are a multifaceted and unique and amazing. If you were a "normal" (cough) person, who is a coin with a head and a tail, I would be like sigh/ho-hum ... who is this "person". Yawn, move on.

But you aren't. You are a 20-sided die like in Dungeons and Dragons.

I work on daily not trying to overwhelm people "with my words", but frankly, to me, that should never be the worry. Why? The people I read articles on and never clap or comment should be the ones that are concerned.

I will say this now and to anyone that has read my stuff, if you do feel uncomfortable, let me know in DM, note, message, email, tweet, FB, etc. I will respond with respect and tone down hard and fast.

Safety and boundaries is important!

But you know .... today's breakfast was chocolate chip pancakes .... and my usual piping hot mugs of coffee. If you want a good chuckle, read my latest poem on poetry, which may make you enjoy the layers of me in doing something I love to do every morning, just like a normal boring person ... (link below, because as a "real" man ... service to his partners and friends in life is king.)

But if you believe and feel you are weird and a freak, game on sister, I won’t judge, and I will fly my freak flag beside yours and will pounce on people that shame and blame and flame you (and others too).




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