You betcha. As a liberal Republican, I have to watch both my front and backsides given I will be labeled as a traitor.

Honestly, given I am a white man the attacks can get even more brutal. I have done this dance in political groups where I bowed out when folks got nasty to liberal women, and I even had conservative women go and make shit up causing several close friendships.

I will correct people of course, but to have those discussion there has to be trust and communication. Outside of that some of those folks will see me slowly fade away from their circles.

It is already happening, there are more open-minded conservative women who have invited me into some of the Mewe and even Parler groups to say come on over.

So what folks may not get, is you don't want to know what a resistence fight will look like, but since you stated you live in an alt-right "wonderland" (ha). You get it 110%.

My view is this. Apply every conversation with every person and double the goodwill filter on those that don't match your identity (race, gender, and political) with the Golden Rule. If they are nasty and cross the line horribly (like the wokeness comment), then don't engage, block, ignore.

People will get nastier if another lockdown happens, and if the economic shit storm happens, people will go more feral.

I agree 100% on the unbiased news front, and folks should ignore op-eds unless they show both a left and right perspective.

I am honestly concerned because we will be leaderless for the next 3 months and during that time COVID can go crazy, and other countries can muck with us in the worst possible ways.

Get ready for a monster 3rd wave ... 80% chance it won't subside until Mar/Apr 2021 ...

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