You knocked it out of the park with this one. All of those that fall into this trap have jumped into what I call the dark abyss and have embraced it.

A person are what they consume, and with that like a water over a stone get smoothed over in the wrong way.

Loneliness and depression and no hope for a future breeds this, and I have no doubt it will spread more now that everyone has been in a timeout with online access as the primary means of communication for nearly two years.

Movements like this are equivalent of religious zealot getting hold of lost people and transforming them into something unimaginable. What makes this nasty is the fact is this group and setup are distributed with no single "focal" point.

It is abhorrent to quite a few people and even more so for women, but it taps into a core element that runs deep within a male psyche. Men don't bring life into this world, only death. Women can bring life into humanity, and that .

The dirty secret they don't get is men do bring life into the world through reproduction through bringing the spark of desire and safety and community to a relationship just as women do. It takes two to tango, and if one only looks at the dark demons within and feeds them, then they have already chosen their relationship for life.

For guys that struggle that read this or read this comment, the way out of this quagmire is to go offline, if you like reading news, get a newspaper, get therapy and work on you.

Humans with a strong female presence find the personality and soul and how a person acts like the physical attributes that men use like physical attributes. Not saying physical attributes aren't important, just not the most important.

Great article. ...

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